Saturday Night Rivals: Unity Using Physics Outside The Classroom


In the last week of Hickory River Saturday Night Rivals, the St. Joseph Ogden Spartans take on the Unity Rockets.

Both teams need to win to keep their playoff hopes alive.

With the hype going into this game, both teams needed a wins and live TV, the need for preparation is at an all-time high.

What you might not know is the hard work that students must bring to a project that has been in Unity High School for 16 years now.

At Unity, physics class is not just about sitting in class and listening to lectures.

These students work on a project that is now a tradition at the school.

"It's a great application of the math and the science that we already know, but then putting it into the real life,” said Kelsey Phink, one of the physics students.

Phink is collaborating with Alex Eisenmenger on the project and they get about a month to calculate and structure a boat.

On October 20, they will take the boat out to Homer Lake and must make it float with them both inside.

They say applying what they learn in the classroom on this boat is important moving forward.

"We're learning about this now so we have a chance to see what we enjoy in our future… if we want to be interested in this sort of science,” explained Eisenmenger

Stephenie Seiler teaches the physics class and got the idea from a previous school where she taught.

Seiler believes this project, over the years, helps students prepare for science courses they might take in college.

"It helps them think about really applying their skills and thinking about how they can make things more concrete, so it gives them a real attempt at succeeding and doing a big hands on project like this.”

Stephenie and Alex say they are looking forward to how their boat will do.

"Actually comparing it to a boat and saying, ‘oh, well, I have to have this in order to actually stay afloat,’” said Phink.

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