Champaign Local Forecast


WEDNESDAY: Clouds, PM Showers/Thunderstorms likely. Low 57/High 78
THURSDAY: AM Showers, Mostly Cloudy, Cooler. Low 55/High 62
FRIDAY: Cloudy, Chance of Showers. Low 47/High 70
SATURDAY: Mostly Cloudy, Showers/Storms likely. Low 55/High 68
SUNDAY: Mostly Cloudy, Showers/Storms likely. Low 55/High 68
MONDAY: Partly Sunny, Cooler, Chance of Showers. Low 45/High 58



(Champaign) - An incoming cold front will begin to move across Illinois on Wednesday and bring rain and thunderstorms across western Illinois early Wednesday. We expect the arrival of the front and subsequent rain and storms later on Wednesday as skies will be mostly cloudy during the day. Temperatures will top out in the mid 70s and lows will end up in the mid 50s. Rainfall totals could fall in the 0.5 to 1-inch rain generally speaking, but where storms occur rainfall amounts could be much greater. Storms could also bring strong thunderstorm winds and hail to some locations. Virtually the entire area is in the "moderate" risk area for strong to severe storms.

Lingering showers will occur early Thursday before we get a short break from the rain, but conditions will be much cooler as highs on Thursday only reach the low 60s. On Friday, rain chances return as the nearly stationary front moves back north allowing warmer conditions to return with highs near 70 into the weekend, but with additional chances for more rain and storms. Rainfall totals will continue to add up across the area, as saturated ground will bring about localized flooding during rain/storms and eventually into the waterways where low lying areas are expected to experience flooding.

Here's the rundown for the weekend as we will see rain/storms both Saturday and Sunday with highs in the mid to upper 60s, lows fall to the upper 50s. Some locations could accumulate rainfall to as much as 3 to 4-inches through the weekend. Stay updated on what to expect with the STORM TEAM forecast every day on FOX-Champaign News at 5:30/9pm on FOX-Illinois Channel 27.

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