January's Weather Guarantee Raises $1,400 for The Outlet

January's Weather Guarantee Raises $1,400 for The Outlet

Every month, Fox Illinois and Green Family Stores team up to give local charities money. The better we do at forecasting the next day's high, the more money is given out. Last month, we raised $1,400 for The Outlet. The Outlet Mentoring Program is a mentoring program in Springfield that takes on fatherless youth and provides them with a positive impact that a father would be able to have on them.

"Right now we're in the process of building a computer lab so we're going to use these funds to build our lab for our young men to come in and do job resume... to do resume building," says Outlet founder Michael Phelon.

"I'm very happy one of our coworkers brought it up and she's involved and they do great work. There's so many organizations in Springfield that do great work with our youth," said Rachael Buraski, the marketing director at Green Family Stores.

Our storm team this month will be raising money for Northside Children's Community Library.

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