The Dish with Dee Dee: Bistro Verde at LLCC

The Dish with Dee Dee: Bistro Verde at LLCC. (WRSP)

When you think "college food," dishes like pizza and Ramen noodles probably come to mind.

But at Bistro Verde at Lincoln Land Community College, students are giving “college food” a whole new meaning.

"A lot of the vegetarian dishes I would never think of making,” said culinary arts major, Tom Hansen.

“I didn’t know you could grill a mushroom, and it’s delicious. It’s things like that - you don't think about - that they teach you."

Hansen is enrolled in a cafe production class at the college.

"The students rotate out from executive chef to dishwasher. They have to know how to do it all," says Culinary Arts Program Director Nancy Sweet.

Under her supervision, students gain hands-on experience working in a kitchen and being a leader in the food industry.

“It’s fun to deal with customers when everything is going great, but they need to know how to deal with them when there are problems, too.”

Stop by for student-made soups, sandwiches, and baked goods.

The Bistro is located inside the Workforce Careers Center at LLCC.

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