The Dish with Dee Dee: Chesapeake Seafood House

The Dish with Dee Dee: Chesapeake Seafood House.

The Chesapeake Seafood House is a Springfield landmark, or as General Manager Daniel Whitmore likes to say, “just like home.”

He’s not kidding.

The building constructed in the 1800s was a residence before it became the southern air restaurant.

While embracing the establishment's past, Chesapeake has its own unique identity.

As you dig into popular dishes like the lobster or crab legs, look up and absorb the restaurant's aesthetic - a combination of nautical decor, pictures of Lincoln, and vintage Cleopatra and Marc Antony designs on two original fireplaces.

Outside, the cucumber magnolia tree sits on the lawn of the building.

“It’s very rare to this area, in fact, it’s on the endangered plant list in Canada,” Whitmore notes.

A rare sight in your backyard.

Next time you drive by the red building on Clear Lake, hop on board the Chesapeake!

The Chesapeake Seafood House is located at 3045 E Clear Lake Avenue in Springfield.

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