The Dish with Dee Dee: Let's get "Cozy"

The Dish with Dee Dee: Let's get "Cozy"

If you haven't been here, you've probably heard of this place.

The Cozy Dog Drive In in Springfield is the home of the famous hot dog on a stick.

The history dates back to the 1940's when Ed Waldmire had an idea.

"He saw a corn dog being baked, and he wanted to find a quicker way to do it," says current owner Josh Waldmire.

The secret lies in a special recipe batter.

A hot dog is dipped into the special mix, placed in oil, and in just minutes, a "cozy dog" is born.

There's even Ed's patented "Cozy Rack."

The device allows Josh to make three cozies at a time.

Try one, and you'll get it.

It's too "cozy" to resist!

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