The Dish with Dee Dee: Loukinens' On Fourth

The Dish with Dee Dee: Loukinens' On Fourth. (WRSP)

Ask anyone what comes to mind when they think of Springfield.

It probably has to do with Abraham Lincoln or the horseshoe.

But Loukinens' On 4th is bringing new life downtown.

"It's not a turn and burn, rush in, rush out kind of situation," said Owner Laurie Loukinen.

She runs the business with her husband and Executive Chef, Keith Loukinen.

"It's a dream," he said, of the new establishment.

The building that had been vacant for years is now bustling with customers.

It's not hard to see why after you've tried their tenderloin lollipops or manchurian-style cauliflower.

Another winner?

The roasted cauliflower, caramelized onion and arugula grilled cheese.

"Now that's what you call 'casual upscale,'" Laurie said with a smile.

Loukinens' On 4th is located on 517 South 4th Street in Springfield.

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