The Dish with Dee Dee: Poppin' since 1934

Del's Popcorn Shop: 213 South 6th Street

Pour it.

Mix it.

Hear it pop!

If Del's Popcorn Shop Manager Sadie Davis had a theme song , this would be it.

"I have been coming here since I was a child," Davis recalls.

"My mom would come in here and get us popcorn balls and ice cream.”

Davis works at the South 6th Street location in downtown Springfield.

But the tradition started in Decatur in 1934, only back then, " was actually called the popcorn shop," Davis says.

"Del Barnett changed it to Del's."

Dig into a bag or a bucket of hand-made perfection.

"The most popular thing is the half and half, which is the cheese and caramel mixed together."

Another top seller?

"A lot of people love the butter and salt with extra butter on it. That's just . . . the all-time favorite."

There are so many delicious combinations to accompany your next Netflix binge.

And popcorn is only half the story!

The store is loaded with delicious treats like jawbreakers the size of a softball, candy buttons, and handmade fudge.

"I have regulars that have been coming here for years. They bring their kids, their grand kids . . . even people who have moved out of town."

Pop inside for a taste of the good old days.

“I love Del’s. It’s basically my home.”

Del's Popcorn has five locations in Springfield, Decatur and Mt. Zion.

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