Ronald McDonald House Charities helps Quincy family through difficult time

    Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois helps Quincy family through difficult time (WICS)

    “I went eclamptic because I had seizures due to high blood pressure," mother Ashley Steadman said. "Because I was only 25 weeks pregnant, the nursery at the hospital wasn’t equipped to handle a child that small... They were hoping I could be on bed rest, but in the helicopter, I actually had another seizure and they couldn’t get me stabilized.”

    “On that stay, we actually were here for 75 nights," Ashley Steadman said. "We came about staying The hospital, the nurse came into our room and gave us an application to fill out and they expected us to have a long road ahead of us and they recommended we come over right away.”

    “She stayed here the whole time my daughter (Kassidy Steadman) was in the hospital and I went back to Quincy," father Raymond Steadman said. "It worked out perfectly so she could be with the baby and make all the main decisions. I just traveled back and forth whenever I could.”

    “They sent me home on medicine," Ashley Steadman said. "When I say home, really, this was our home at the time. They sent me right across the street, which was really nice. We’ve actually stayed at the Ronald McDonald House twice. First was our extensive stay with our daughter and then we also had another stay. So not only did it tear our hearts apart like knowing what was going on in here We honestly, I don’t even know If I dropped change in the Ronald McDonald House thing at the McDonald’s in the drive thru. I probably didn’t until I realized the impact that the Ronald McDonald House had on people. Everything I had going on at the hospital was absolutely not normal, so any sense of normalcy that was able to be there, the Ronald McDonald House gave to us so that way we could really cope through and make it through all the days we spent here. If we had to pay for a hotel or pay for the Ronald McDonald House things wouldn’t of happened the way that it did. I would have probably slept at the hospital for part of the time or went back home for part of the time. Unfortunately, I don’t think I would have been able to bond like I wanted to with my child. It wouldn’t have been possible to go be there all day every single day all day long like I was.”

    On Friday (12/7) 5:00am - 6:00pm, Joy of Sharing will help support the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Illinois, the City of Taylorville in their recovery efforts, Toys for Tots, Eastern Illinois Foodbank and the Central Illinois Foodbank. Click here for JOY OF SHARING Donation Locations.

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