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Doctors warn: RSV ahead of the Holidays

A woman blows her nose. (Photo: CNN)
A woman blows her nose. (Photo: CNN)
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The holidays are a time to celebrate and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

As we all gather together, it's important to keep our kids safe.

Hospitals across the country are at full capacity due to Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) cases.

According to the CDC, so far this year, records show that RSV cases are most common in children from newborn to four years old.

The Medical Director of the Children Service Line at Carle Health, Brent Reifsteck, is concerned about Bronchiolitis.

Bronchiolitis can be mistaken for Bronchitis but, it is a different illness. This illness is always caused by viruses, one of them being RSV.

“The rising cases have surpassed that of any other season previously. So this is happening faster than normal and sooner than normal, and happening everywhere all at once," said, Reifsteck.

RSV cases have led many care facilities to fill up quickly, with many people seeking care having to wait hours and hours.

The Medical Director of HSHS at St. Johns Children's Hospital, Dough Carlson, states that St. Johns is dealing with the hospital being at capacity for more than a month now.

“It has been overwhelming. We can get all the kids in the Hospital, and most of them recover within a few days, we have a few kids who have gone into respiratory failure and have been in our ICUs for up to a few weeks. It looks like it's ongoing" said, Carlson.

St. Johns Children's Hospital and Carle Health are not the only Hospitals recognizing the issue. OSF Healthcare in Urbana, Illinois, states that they have seen an increased number of people with Respiratory Symptoms and plan to add staffing to their pediatric beds at all levels.

“Influenza can be a serious virus that we are worried about the two viruses together," said, Carlson
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Doctors are suggesting that everyone be aware. If you are sick isolate yourself, wash your hands, and take precautions.

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