Tips for safe and healthy travel

Tips for safe and healthy travel (WRSP)

Before you hit the road... It's best to always be prepared.

The first step is doing your research.

Find out about any health concerns at your destination and plan accordingly.

Prepare and pack a travel health kit with anything you might need -- including medicines, sunscreen, and bug bite protection.

If you plan to leave the U.S. you should check with your health insurance provider about international coverage.

You might even consider getting additional insurance for medical care and emergency evacuations, especially if you are going somewhere remote.

Once you arrive at your destination, be careful about indulging in the local cuisine.

In developing countries, eat only fully cooked food that is served hot.

Do not eat fresh vegetables or fruits unless you can peel them yourself.

Drink only bottled beverages and steer clear of ice- it was probably made with tap water.

Once you get back home, if you are not feeling well, see a doctor and make sure to mention you have recently traveled.

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