Pumpkin Farmers Report Healthy Crops This Year

Pumpkin farmers tell us that this year's crop is a huge improvement over last year. (WRSP)

Pumpkin farmers tell Fox Illinois that this year's crop is a huge improvement over last year.

They say a dry July and normal rainfall in August are perfect conditions for growing pumpkins. Local farmers say because of the weather we've had, they're seeing an abundance of good crop.

Kristin's Pumpkin Patch has been around for 25 years in Springfield. Last year, farmer Norm Diehl and other farmers nationwide reported crop shortages. Farmer Diehl says that happened because there was too much rain. Plus, he says there were more diseased pumpkins with dying vines. He says last year he lost about 50 percent of his crop, but this year things are different.

"I probably still have an average crop mainly because we didn't have the rain in June, which was good. It didn't flood out, but we had a lot of rain in July and August," said Norm Diehl, owner, Kristin's Pumpkin Patch.

Diehl says he'd rather irrigate his crops than get the excessive rain. That way, he can control how much water gets into the field. Diehl says his crop is considered to be average, but says he's still grown thousands of pumpkins this year alone.

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