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Tech Tango: Unfriended

Tech Tango: Unfriended (WRSP)

Good Day Marketplace tech correspondent Francie Black previews this week's app of the week.

You can find out if a Facebook friend has unfriended you by using the Unfriended app.

To find out if someone has un-followed you, tap refresh to update your friend list.

If anyone has unfriended you their name will show up in the Change History Tab.

This also shows you new, deleted and friends who have changed their names.

You can make a back up copy of your change history if desired.

The pro version allows you to receive automatic home screen notifications when the app detects a change in your friend list.

It is important to know that the app does not detect any unfriending prior to it being installed.

The free version is ad supported.

The Pro version is $2.99.

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