Homeschool organizations see spike in enrollment

Homeschool experts said there are many reasons people are turning to homeschooling. (WRSP)

Illinois lawmakers have yet to pass a school funding formula. The Illinois Senate has just ten days left to take action. If the bill passes the Senate, the House will have 15 days.

If a school funding formula is not in place by August 10, school districts throughout Illinois will not receive this year’s state funding.

The lack of funding for schools has led to many parents looking for alternative forms of education, one of those being homeschooling,

On Saturday, a homeschooling conference was held where over a hundred parents attended.

The Christian Homeschooling Association in Springfield said they’re seeing more interest this year than ever before, with double the amount of students enrolled.

“It just seems to be acceptable and more of an alternative to give your kids every opportunity you want them to have, said Tammy Fitch, with the Christian Homeschooling Association.

The enrollment numbers aren’t just rising in Springfield, it’s a trend happening throughout the state.

“We have people from all backgrounds, all ways of life, from all races,” explained Kirk Smith, with Illinois Christian Home Educators. “It’s on an uptick, people are frustrated with the public school systems with the agenda,” he said.

Homeschool experts said there are many reasons people are turning to homeschooling.

“I know there’s probably some frustration with people out there not knowing the state of what’s going on. However, most of the parents that come to me are ready for a change for a variety of reasons,” said Fitch.

The Christian Homeschooling Association said they hear from many parents who believe they’re not qualified to homeschool. However, they said parents have been teaching their child since they were born and it is easier than one may think.

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