Election 2018: Democratic attorney general candidates

Election 2018: Democratic attorney general candidates (WICS)

The llinois General Primary Election is just over a month away.

To ensure you're informed on who's running, we'll be breaking down some of the races.

There are eight names on the ballot for Democrat attorney general.

State Sen. Kwame Raoul, D-Chicago, is one of eight Democrats running in the Primary for attorney general.

"I don't think there's another person on the ballot with the board record that I have in a variety of areas," Raoul said.

Another name on the ballot is federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti from Chicago.

"One of the number one things I want to do is tackle the economic issues that we are facing, fight for working families like waitstaff, where people aren't getting the wages they are owed," Mariotti said.

Another Cook County name is public defender and defense attorney Aaron Goldstein.

"I'm a criminal defense attorney and civil rights attorney," Goldstein said. "I actually represent individuals unlike a lot of my opponents that are longtime political insiders."

This name is one recognized across the state: Pat Quinn, former Illinois governor, has also thrown his hat in the ring.

"I think I have strong record of fighting for consumers, taxpayers, and veterans, and voters," Quinn said. "That's really the job definition."

Chicagoan Sharon Fairley is a former federal prosecutor and former assistant to the attorney general.

"Our civil rights, our health, and well-being are under seize and to prevail we need a different kind of leadership, a kind of leadership that our current leaders are not showing," Fairley said.

Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering is also in the running. She believes Illinoisans should be able to trust their government.

"But also to focus on the outreach to the people of Illinois to let them now know they can hold their government accountable," Rotering said.

Attorney Jesse Ruiz also wants to focus on fixing public corruption.

“Expand the statewide grand-jury authority so we can root out any public corruption we find anywhere across the state,” Ruiz said.

Some voters will also see State Rep. Scott Drury on the ballot.

“For too long the state has been defined by a lack of trust by public corruption and it's time the state stop outsourcing the public corruption,” Drury said.

His candidacy is under a court challenge by an objector who said Drury didn't file the proper paperwork.

Whether Drury ends up on March ballot is still unknown, as his case is still winding its way through court system.

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On February 19, we'll continue our election coverage with a breakdown of who's on the Democratic ticket for Governor.

Illinois Primary Election is on March 20.

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