Election 2018: GOP attorney general candidates

Election 2018: GOP attorney general candidates

Illinois' General Primary Election is just over a month away.

To ensure you're informed on who's running, we'll be breaking down some of the races.

We'll start this series by looking at the Republican attorney general candidates.

Two names are on that ticket: Gary Grasso and Erika Harold.

They're running to replace Democrat Lisa Madigan who announced she won't be running for re-election after 15 years in office.

"Public corruption, public corruption, public corruption," Grasso said. "Also the opioid issues and the public pension."

That's what GOP attorney general candidate Gary Grasso said he'll take on if elected as the state's chief law officer.

Grasso said his experience as a litigator and as a county board member and mayor make him the clear choice in this race.

"In order to give direction in cases, you need to have been there and done that," Grasso said. "With due respect to Ms. Harold, who is a great person I'm sure, she is not qualified to be a litigator in this state."

But Erika Harold said she is qualified. Her background is in commercial litigation.

Harold said she's the one for the job because she knows what it's like to feel marginalized.

"People throughout the state of Illinois deserve an attorney general who will stand up and fight for them," Harold said. "Especially those people who don't have a voice."

If elected, Harold has three things she'd like to tackle first.

"I also would prioritize issues that people care about," Harold said. "I would take on issues like public corruption, I would deal with the opioid epidemic and I would work on criminal justice reform."

To see Grasso's full interview, click here.

To see Harold's full interviews, click here.

On Feb. 14, we'll continue our election coverage with a breakdown of who's on the Democratic ticket for attorney general.

Illinois' Primary Election is on March 20.

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