Election 2018: Democratic candidate for governor Tio Hardiman

Photo Courtesy: Tio Hardiman Campaign

Tio Hardiman is throwing his hat in the ring for the second time.

The Chicago activist is one of six Democrats in the running for governor.

Hardiman said if elected, his first task would be to stomp out gun violence and improve the rights of women.

Hardiman said Illinois is in bad shape right now.

"We have all these billionaire candidates running for governor,” Hardiman said. “They continue to drown out the voices of the working class and poor people."

Hardiman is running for governor in hopes of changing that.

His first gubernatorial attempt was in 2014, but Hardiman lost the primary to Pat Quinn.

That loss isn't deterring him though.

He's moving full speed ahead today to win this primary election.

“The state needs a real champion,” Hardiman said. “Somebody that's going to really unify the state.”

Hardiman's calling his platform the 20/20 plan, which he said represents a perfect vision.

“We support the progressive tax, a $15 minimum wage, we support working with everybody in the state of Illinois, economic development,” Hardiman said. “We also support legalizing small amounts of recreational uses marijuana, but also commuting the sentences of people that were locked up for marijuana crimes.”

See Hardiman’s full interview below.

Feb. 28 we continue our candidate coverage with a look at Republican candidate for governor Jeanne Ives on Fox Springfield News at 9.

Illinois' Primary Election is on March 20.

Throughout this election year, we'll be using the hashtag #ILElection18. Search that on social media to follow along with the latest coverage. Also, follow statehouse reporter Rachel Droze on Facebook and Twitter and Fox Illinois on Facebook and Twitter.

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