Illinois Lawmakers talk pensions ahead of fall Veto Session

The state's pension debt sits well above $100 billion. (WRSP)

Monday in Chicago, a Senate Special Committee met to talk about the state's ballooning pension obligations.

This as lawmakers are preparing to return to the statehouse one week from Tuesday for fall Veto Session.

A panel of consultants told that committee about the challenges they see in minority and women pension investments.

They faced a tough response as lawmakers are urging action to start correcting the problem, rather than just continued study.

"If you say you're not satisfied then make things happen so you don't keep coming up here every time we have a hearing saying the same things,” Senator Iris Martinez, D-Chicago, said. “People are not reaching their goals so it's your responsibility to make sure that's what's going on."

The state's pension debt sits well above $100 billion.

The two-week special session starts next Tuesday.

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