3-year-old mauled by two dogs recovers but suffers from night terrors

After six days in the hospital, Mirra Kay Neal is now enjoying her time at home. (WRSP)

It's a heartbreaking story with a happier ending.

We first introduced to you to the Springfield 3-year-old mauled by two dogs last month.

After six days in the hospital, Mirra Kay Neal is now enjoying her time at home.

She's even going to school and talking about her hobby of dancing again.

But as her mother tells us Wednesday, there are still many worries and long nights for little Mirra.

“It hurts; it makes me cry,” said her mother, Lindsay Weyant.

She’s talking about the night terrors Mirra has been experiencing since the incident mid-August.

"The very first time she did it,” Lindsay said. “She wasn't fully awake, and I tried to wake her up and it made it completely worse."

Lindsay said her daughter is still recovering physically and mentally after two pit bulls attacked her at a family friend's home.

"She doesn't talk about the accident,” she said. “So I don't know what she remembers."

Mirra tells her family she thinks the scars are bug bites.

But even so, Lindsay said it might not be a good enough excuse to keep her pre-k classmates from laughing. She said there were times her daughter would come home from school, telling her about how kids were laughing about how some of her injuries were bleeding.

"The last two days it's been hard to get her on the school bus,” Lindsay said. “So, she kind of steps back a little bit and I’m trying to be like, no we have to go to school, but at the same time it's like, no just come home."

And that's not the only worry.

They're racking up medical bills with possible health complications ahead.

To help, family and friends are planning a benefit for little Mirra including Joey Chernis, who the family has known for about 25 years; he’s helping supply all the food from Stadium Bar and Grill on Peoria Rd.

“There was a lot of talk at first that she might not make it,” Chernis said. “And so when it all started looking up it was great, and everybody was just so ecstatic they all wanted to do something just automatically."

With their help, Lindsay said, Mirra will recover.

There's no infectious disease, and Mirra’s scars are healing well with a few complications. They’re still monitoring the nerve damage in her lips.

“I think it's going to be a little rough here and there,” Lindsay said. “But she's very smart and she has the best personality and I think she's going to do just fine."

The benefit is Sunday, September 17th, from noon to 5 at the Stadium Sports Bar and Grill in Springfield.

There's going to be a live auction at 2 p.m.

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