Aaron Schock Makes Appearance in Peoria Over Weekend

Aaron Schock Makes Appearance in Peoria Over Weekend (WRSP)

Former Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock made a rare public appearance in Peoria over the weekend.

He opened up about the federal investigation into his campaign spending.

A federal grand jury expired last week, meaning Schock was not indicted after a year-long investigation.

But the U.S. attorney could still present the evidence to a new grand jury that’s already sitting in Springfield.

While Schock didn’t say much about the investigation, he’s happy to see this hurdle cleared.

“It’s been a trying time, frankly, it’s been really frustrating as someone whose been always out spoken and easily accessible to my constituents and press not to be able to talk about things, so I’m looking forward to an opportunity in the near future to do so,” said Schock.

Schock also said since his resignation in March of 2015, he’s been enjoying time with friends and family and has no plans to run for office anytime soon.

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