Abortion Bill Passes in the Illinois House Tuesday

After hours of debate, the “Democratic-controlled," Illinois House passes a controversial abortion bill Tuesday. (WRSP)

After hours of debate, the “Democratic-controlled," Illinois House passes a controversial abortion bill Tuesday.

The “Illinois Women March on Springfield” happened right outside the Capitol coinciding with the vote. Meanwhile, inside a heated debate on the abortion bill.

It would allow state employee's insurance and Medicaid to cover abortion expenses.

"It was a great day,” Democratic State Representative Sara Feigenholtz said. “For women in Illinois. "

Feigenholtz’s bill passes the House 62 to 55.

"We have to reassure women,” she said. “In our state that we as lawmakers are doing everything we can to make abortion safe and legal and accessible."

It was a victory for Feigenholtz, but many opposed it on the house floor with comments like:

"Who are we as a culture when we can’t even recognize the humanity of an unborn child?" and "How we can say we care about the most vulnerable among us when we have limited funds anyway?"

Republican State Representative Terri Bryant said the policy is "ridiculous".

"It expands abortion in the state of Illinois.” Bryant said. “And shouldn’t be a part of providing free abortions to whoever wants them at any stage of a pregnancy for any reason."

The bill ensures public money to pay for women's health services, including abortion, something Springfield’s "Right to Life" is against.

"We are saddened,” President of the organization, Tim Moore, said. “By the passage of abortion legislation that redefines when human life begins and seeks additional means of killing that life. The same group of politicians want taxpayers to fund these abhorrent practices."

Just last week, Governor Bruce Rauner pledged to veto the bill because of the public money involved.

But after working on the bill for three years, Representative Feigenholtz said she will keep pushing for it anyway.

"I'm hoping that once it gets to his desk,” she said. “That 250,000 women will knock on his door, and say, sign the bill, and he would change his mind,"

Illinois Republican Party National Committeewoman Demetra Demonte responded: "Instead of working to solve our state's catastrophic challenges, Madigan Democrats just passed a radical bill for taxpayer funded abortions, at a cost of $60 million, while we don't have a budget. Springfield yet again shows it's tone-deaf to the concerns of Illinoisans."

Before landing on the Governor’s desk, the bill will still have to pass in the Senate.

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