AFSCME members get pay raise owed to them for about seven years

AFSCME members get pay raise owed to them for about seven years.

The new state budget is giving thousands of state workers annual raises they have been owed since 2011. The union representing them had previously taken this matter to the Illinois Supreme Court.

The American Federation of STAT, County and Municipal Employees Council 31 said the average state worker is owed around $2000.

This goes for Human Services, Corrections, Juvenile Justice, Natural Resources and Public Health.

It is something AFSCME’s executive director said getting these annual pay raises is a long time coming.

“That’s the debt that’s been over to employees who are doing their jobs day in and day out. Caring for people with disabilities, working in our state parks, working in our state prisons. They deserve to be paid the money they’re owed,” Executive Director of AFSCME Roberta Lynch said.

These pay raises officially went into effect when Governor Bruce Rauner signed the budget on Monday.

This money approved is not covering the step increases, which is more money AFSCME members are owed.

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