Aldermen move forward in CWLP agreement with EmberClear

Aldermen move forward in CWLP agreement with EmberClear

Springfield is moving forward with the idea of the $1 billion natural gas power plant near Pawnee.

Tuesday, Committee of the Whole approved an agreement between the potential power plant company and City, Water, Light, and Power.

CWLP said the company, EmberClear, will use CWLP as it's water supplier. In turn, CWLP said the agreement can help residents and water rates stay low moving forward.

“They would buy water from us,” said CWLP Chief Utility Engineer, Doug Brown. “And also provide us with some compensation for the electric side."

CWLP said Lincoln Land Energy Center, or EmberClear, is locking in a deal with Springfield’s main utilities company.

"There's all kinds of initiatives that we can put that money towards,” said Brown.

EmberClear would buy a minimum 80,000 gallons of water a month which amounts to about $29,000. Anything above the minimum would cost about $5.50 a gallon, according to Brown. The power plant would be in south Pawnee near the electrical substation which is a voltage generator, transmitter, and distributor system.

"Just an added incentive for them and CWLP, both,” said a representative of the Local Labor’s Union #477, Brad Bayles.

He said the power plant would bring 30 full time jobs and up to 800 temporary construction ones.

“It would put a lot of men and women to work,” Bayles said. “To better their lives and I believe it's going to be an economic engine for the community."

CWLP said the agreement with EmberClear can benefit all their customers.

"The more water that we can sell the more that we can keep our cost lower in the long run,” Brown said. “Because all our operating costs are spread out among all our customers."

It would also generate revenue for CWLP and help with maintenance and fixes.

"Any kind of infrastructure issues," said Brown. "Water main replacement, automated meter reading, there's all kinds of initiatives that we can put that money towards."

Springfield Committee of the Whole approved the CWLP and EmberClear water agreement Tuesday.

This means the recommendation now goes to City Council and their meeting is next Tuesday.

Some Pawnee residents have voiced their concerns against the power plant in the past. They say they aren't sure what noise, pollution, or traffic the plant may bring.

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