Ambulance service in Taylorville ending operations next month

Ambulance service in Taylorville stopping operations next month. (MGN Online)

On Monday, Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry got a call from Sutton Ambulance Service that it is stopping operations come October 1st.

This means the ambulance company would no longer service the Taylorville area.

Barry said he immediately contacted the Taylorville Fire Department, as they do have a backup ambulance service that will assist.

There's also another ambulance service in the Taylorville area - Dunns Ambulance Service.

According to Barry, Dunn's Ambulance Service will hire some employees from Sutton and try to take over full operations for that company.

Sutton has been operating for the last 50 years in the Taylorville area.

Barry said he hopes, come Oct. 1, that Dunn's Ambulance Service will be able to fully serve the area.

He said it's a matter of life or death.

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