American Flags Being Made In Illinois


Millions of American's will be showing off their American flags this Fourth of July weekend, but ever wonder what it takes to make an American flag?

In Batavia, Illinois, it's a 21 step process that takes time and a whole lot of man-power.

The red white and blue fabrics never touch the ground throughout the entire process.

The company says a lot of people don't realize how much care goes into making every Amercian flag.

"Here's exactly what they don't understand there are at least 21 steps that go into a us flag with the blue material with the star field with the red striping the white striping it's very labor intensive a machine doesn't stamp out a flag a person makes it," says JC Schultz Janice Christiansen

The company produces millions of flags a year.

This season, to meet demand, workers at the factory have been working ten to 12 hour shifts.

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