Loose dog in Ludlow sends animal control on chase

The Shepard mix has spent more than two weeks in sub-zero temperatures after hopping its owners fence. Animal control has been working to catch the dog ever since, but haven’t been able to win over its trust.

A loose dog in Ludlow has been out in sub-zero temperatures for more than two weeks after hopping its owner’s fence.

Ludlow Police Chief Jose Navarro got the call about the Shepard-mix on January 2 and has been working to catch it ever since.

The dog was living with a family who recently rescued the dog from another owner. After the dog hopped the fence and would not come back inside the home, the owner gave up her ownership of the dog to Champaign County Animal Control.

“When animal control got wind of the situation [the owner] signed the dog over to them, not that she didn’t want the dog, but she said she can't have a dog that’s going to be wild like it is. It acts feral,” Chief Nevarro said. “They’ve been trying to catch it ever since they signed it over and no success.”

Champaign County Animal Control has been out almost every day trying to catch the dog but hasn't had any luck.

Thursday morning the dog was willing to come within a few feet of Chief Nevarro, but would quickly run away when he tried to reach his hand out or pet it.

“You can call it, you know, ‘hi puppy, come here puppy,’ and it will sit there and look at you, and you get within five feet and it’s gone!” he said.

Cage traps with food inside them have been set up, but animal control believes neighbors are leaving out food for the dog, causing the traps not to work.

While neighbors complain about the dog roaming through town and going through trash, they said they’re most concerned about its wellbeing.

“Concerns for the dog right now is for it to get caught and to get scooped up out of the elements,” Ludlow resident Randy Alesia said. “To rectify this whole situation and quiet the whole neighborhood down and get things back to normal.”

Animal control said they will continue to try and catch the dog.

Chief Navarro asks that residents not to try and catch the dog themselves. Although he doesn’t think it’s aggressive, it is extremely timid around humans.

If residents to have any updates on the dog or are able to safely contain it, such as in a backyard, they are asked to call Champaign County Animal Control at (217) 384-3798.

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