Audio released in Springfield lawsuit about coal contract

Audio released in Springfield lawsuit about coal contract.

There are new developments in a lawsuit against the city of Springfield.

Audio has been released from the March 22, 2016, executive session.

It has mentions of the ELY report, something the lawsuit said was not presented to city council.

Frederick Nessler said his firm will look into if the report presented was indeed the final version.

The lawsuit said that due to the report not being presented, it ended up costing the city millions.

"We will conduct full discovery, we will dispose all parties. We'll determine if there was a singular version of the ELY report or if there were different versions," Senior Attorney Frederick Nessler said.

Now the Mayor’s office said the ELY report was indeed presented to the City Council.

Also that the audio released Wednesday morning seeks to confirm that.

"This was an executive session on March 22, 2016, and that portion of the audio really covered it. You know that the ELY report was presented to the City Council," Springfield Mayor Jim Langfelder said.

Langfelder also said the video was released in order to shed more light on what happened during the March 22, 2016, meeting.

See original story for more information about the lawsuit.

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