Auditor Dispute In Champaign County

Auditor Dispute In Champaign County (WCCU)

George Danos, who is running for Champaign County Auditor, had some comments to say about his opponent and current auditor, John Farney.

He suggests that Farney violated an Illinois Public Act by falsely stating his chief deputy auditor was a certified accountant.

He said that this violates the Illinois law by not having an active license with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

Farney called these allegations false and said his chief deputy auditor is highly qualified.

"I really find it disappointing and disturbing that my opponent is dragging her good name through the mud,” said Farney.

“I find it appalling that he would expose one of his employees to professional risk, she is under the discipline of the profession we share, he's not an accountant and shows no such risk,” explains Danos.

But Danos also included that Farney does have a comprehensive financial report where he incorrectly puts the designation CPA.

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