Award ceremony to honor police officers in Champaign

Award ceremony to honor police officers in Champaign

The Champaign Police Department held an awards ceremony as part of National Police Week.

Police officers and staff were presented plaques for their involvement with arrests and events throughout the past year.

While the ceremony highlighted the work of those in the force, one honoree thinks it can be enlightening for those out of it.

"A lot of times people recognize that we don't necessarily get recognized for what we do, so, it's a chance for the community, family members [and] all people basically to come get to know more about police work,” Honoree Sgt. Brad Krauel said. “And what it is that we do and show that appreciation for public service."

The Champaign Police Department will hold open houses Wednesday and Thursday.

Cop on a rooftop at the local Dunkin Donuts and a memorial on Friday.

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