Bass tournament in parts of Lake Springfield Sunday

Bass tournament in parts of Lake Springfield Sunday

Boaters headed out onto Lake Springfield for a traditional tournament catching bass.

It's also a reminder for everyone to stay safe on the water. Now in April, halfway through the Spring season, more people are going out on the lakes. Western Illinois’ Outdoorsman Club held a bass tournament Sunday.

"Get the locals to come out and they always support us,” said the President of WIU Outdoorsman Club, John Ott. “And it's a great place to be and we enjoy coming."

He said it's to raise money for the club.

"It’s allows some of the guys who don't have the funding to be able to go to the tournament and experience fishing,” said Ott. “Which could qualify them for nationals... and it allows us to fisherman to be able to do, what we love to do."

The WIU Outdoorsman Club Event Coordinator, Nick Gehricke, said the effort goes a long way.

"We do a ton for conservation,” Gehricke said. “We do a ton for the outdoors and I think this was a great way to get involved."

He said some anglers, like Brandon Briscoe, have been fishing since preschool.

"I think the reason I love it so much is just because,” he said. “Your kind of competing against nature in its own element."

The anglers also said everyone should get on and off the water safely. They said people should join their club and effort and they would be more than happy to boat more often.

They said it's a passion that also sends another message.

"Some days I question that because I’m out there freezing not catching any fish, but I just love fishing because every day is a different challenge,” Ott said. “And I never expect anything going on in the water which makes it that much more satisfying when you catch a big fish."

If you would like to get in contact with the group, you can go to their Facebook page:

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