Beware of rabid bats in Illinois

Beware of rabid bats in Illinois. (MGN Online)

The Illinois Department of Public Health is warning about rabid bats. So far this year, they’ve had 34 confirmed cases of rabies in bats.

Directors at the Henson Robinson Zoo say your chances of actually being bitten by one are low. People are most likely to get bitten by bats if they initiate the interaction, like trapping one in a home.

“If you're going to get bit by a bat, most likely you're doing something to the bat that you shouldn't be doing,” Henson Robinson Zoo general curator Jeff Mitchell said. “So most of the time if you get bit by a bat, it's because you've grabbed it or you've invaded its territory some way. So again, if you just see a bat, the best thing to do is just walk away."

Bats in Illinois are most commonly found under trees or bridges. Mitchell says the state has around 12 different species of bats, which can all carry rabies.

If one is in your home, you should call a professional to remove it.

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