Blue Apron warns of salmonella concerns after recall

Blue Apron box (Blue Apron)

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WICS/WRSP) - Blue Apron, a popular meal prep service, is warning its customers about a voluntary recall of select tahini products.

The warning comes after one of the company's suppliers, Soom Foods, told them it was issuing a voluntary recall on select tahini products due to the potential presence of Salmonella bacteria.

A spokesperson for Blue Apron tells us the recall includes certain lots of sesame tahini products Soom Foods has supplied to Blue Apron.

Salmonella was detected in a tahini sample from Achdut, one of the suppliers for Soom Foods as well as a number of other tahini brands. In its recall notice, Achdut states that it has eliminated the source of contamination and taken additional preventive steps.

Blue Apron has now removed Soom Foods’s tahini product from all future recipes until further notice and will be evaluating its relationship with this supplier.

A spokesperson sent us a statement that says, in part, "Ensuring that our customers receive high quality, fresh ingredients that are safe to eat is always our highest priority. We have a comprehensive food safety plan in place which is designed to ensure that food safety controls are applied at every step of our supply chain. For additional information on our commitment to food safety, please visit our food safety page."

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