Bristol Place Redevelopment Project to break-ground in May

Bristol Place Redevelopment Project construction set to start in May. (WCCU)

All that is left at Bristol Place Neighborhood is a few piles of rubble and some trees as the City of Champaign makes way for phase two of its redevelopment project.

Within the coming months, the empty plot of land will start to show the very first signs of a new neighborhood.

"We are not just building an apartment or a housing complex, this is an opportunity to do an entire neighborhood," said Champaign neighborhood services director Kerri Wiman.

The Department is working to build low-income housing. They want to revitalize the entire neighborhood with other projects including a retention area by the park and the new Martens Community Center.

The land is located near Bradley Avenue and Market Street.

The Bristle Place project first became a city council goal in 2007 and demolition of the 80 structures took off in 2017.

The first phase of construction includes 90 housing units most of them single-family homes and a few townhouses. All of the housing will be rent-based, but with the opportunity to earn equity each year.

"It would be nice to see it come alive [and] bring that area up, bring the property value up," said Champaign resident Angela Blalock. "But again, I hope they make it low-income and affordable for the people of Champaign."

The neighborhood services director said 10 percent of the housing will be market rate and the rest low-income housing.

The first phase of construction is scheduled to wrap up in fall of 2019. The final contract to clear out the last of the debris and trees will be voted on during the April 3, city council meeting.

A groundbreaking ceremony will take place in May.

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