Central Illinois community Standing Strong for Texas

Fox Springfield thanks all of you in the community who came out and donated, and let's continue Standing Strong for Texas. (WRSP)

All of us at Fox Springfield are Standing Strong for Texas with central Illinois.

On Friday, in partnership with Mid-West Family Broadcasting and the Salvation Army. we held a Harvey relief drive at the Springfield Walmart on South 6th Street. We raised thousands of dollars in donations and supplies thanks to the community's incredible outpouring of support.

All day, person after person said they have never seen anything like this in any of the donation drives we've seen in Springfield. It really spoke volumes about the generosity of central Illinois as we all continue to Stand Strong for Texas. "People who had just a dollar to give still wanted to give that dollar," said Deb West, the Promotions Director at Mid-West Family Broadcasting. "Everybody wanted to come together and help make a difference for the people in southeast Texas."

By 6:30 P.M. on Friday, $70,735 were raised in check donations, as well as tens of thousands of dollars worth of water, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, personal hygiene items and more that were donated by people in this community.

"Today is the day that I get paid," explained Vickie Bowen. "I get paid once a month and I thought if I can't take at least $75 and donate it to this cause, there's something wrong." Vickie's family lives in Texas but are all doing well. She said that doesn't stop her from giving, because there are so many other people who aren't. "You know, I got a roof over my head, I got food in my stomach, I've got a warm bed. These people don't," she said.

A lot of donations came from people with personal connections to the areas devastated by Hurricane Harvey. "I used to live in that area," said Lincoln resident Andi Bolton. "It really breaks my heart because I have family and friends [there]."

Some say in this time of division and polarization, the nation is coming together as one. "You go on to any type of social media, and you see people tearing each other apart, and now we have something to really rally around, to really get behind, and to feel really positive about," West said. "It's terrible what happened down in southeast Texas, but a lot of people are coming together going, you know what, we can do something really positive here."

Some residents had a message from central Illinois to Texas. Lincoln resident Darrin Worth said, "Keep your heads up and be strong...everybody's helping out and everybody wants to help."

It wasn't just help with money and supplies Friday. We also received a few cards from a Springfield woman who wanted to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey by providing some emotional support, hoping to give them a few smiles and positive thoughts.

Fox Springfield thanks all of you in the community who came out and donated, and let's continue Standing Strong for Texas.

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