Central Illinois honoring victims of Las Vegas shooting

Central Illinois honoring victims of Las Vegas shooting

People right here in central Illinois are remembering and honoring the victims who lost their lives in the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

A candlelight vigil was held in Springfield on Monday night at the Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation (ALUUC). There was a sense of shock, grief and pain as people wondered why this has happened. The candlelight vigil was a way for the local community to gather in the midst of this tragedy to mourn together and comfort one another.

Candles were lit for every person who lost their life in the mass shooting.

Different speakers spoke about what they have been feeling, whether it's grief, frustration or sadness. Some people were asking why and when acts of hate like this will end, while others said there really are no words to make sense of the senseless. Organizer Reverend Martin Woulfe, with the ALUUC, said, "We want people to remember that we are all one human family and that we all grieve alike, and that when we pull together we can help each other through these horrible times."

"That brings on a lot of upsetting feelings in terms of why we live in a country where this is such a regular thing and we're so used to this happening," said Clare Dudoit, a Springfield resident and attendee of the candlelight vigil.

Reverend Woulfe said people of several different religions gathered in unity at the vigil Monday night. He also said the goal was to bring the community together and remind people that during difficult times after these acts of hate, people need to come together and have hope.

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