Champaign caregivers speak out on pay raise hold up

Champaign caregivers speak out on pay raise hold up (WCCU)

Thursday Champaign caregivers spoke out against Governor Rauner and his decision to veto a raise for Illinois caregivers.

The Champaign caregivers held a press conference at the Illinois Department of Human Services Thursday afternoon.

Back in 2017, Governor Rauner vetoed a raise that would add 48 cents an hour to Illinois caregivers.

Earlier this month, the Cook County Circuit Court determined the veto was illegal and demanded the raise be implemented.

Governor Rauner is now appealing the decision, which will put a hold on the raise.

"That is why this 48 cent raise is so much important,” Champaign caregiver Richard Osby. “To provide a small boost to help cover the cost of the basic things we need to survive, for me this money would mean I would be able to get caught up with some of the bills I am behind in."

There are over 28,000 caregivers in the state of Illinois awaiting the court decision.

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