Champaign County Community Coalition helping youth stay on track

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    The spotlight was on the youth during the Champaign County Community Coalition monthly meeting.

    The coalition hosted the Youth Assessment Center (YAC). It helps children and families in Champaign County.

    YAC staff said they work with children ages 10 -17.

    Wednesday’s meeting touched on a Court Diversion Program.

    It's where YAC works with law enforcement agencies and school districts.

    Through the program, if the teen gets in trouble, the YAC steps in, helping them avoid going to court.

    YAC also has something called the Reflections Program in the works.

    "...Which they can reflect on what brought them to the detention and have guest speakers come in and give insight to their past actions that are similar to what the children have,” said Jonathan Westfield with YAC.

    In the future, YAC plans to roll out Moral Recognition Therapy, which is meant to help children make moral judgments based on ethics.

    In the next few years, YAC said it hopes to see fewer referrals from law enforcement agencies and more from school districts.

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