Chili challenge heats up Springfield

Chili challenge heats up Springfield

The second West Regional Chili Challenge heated up the Springfield Motor Boat Club Sunday.

Dozens attended the event to find out who had the best chili and who would advance to the finals.

There were 10 participants and all proceeds raised will go to Camp Widjimwagan.

Organizers said the event was created to give people something to do in the cold weather.

“One of our members decided we should do something, the winter months are kind of quiet, there's not as much stuff to do obviously this time of year. We're not boating, so we thought it be fun to do something like this,” said Gina Frawley.

The TRN Club in Springfield advanced to the final.

Mike Hamende from the Motor Boat Club won the people's choice award.

Bob Shomidie from Lake Press Club won judge's choice.

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