City to vote on rezoning Lake Springfield's old marina

City to vote on rezoning Lake Springfield's old marina

On Tuesday, the city votes on bringing commercial development to Lake Springfield.

"The lake is set up for residential and club use not commercial use," Lake Resident Tim Kearney said.

Kearney has lived along Lake Springfield for 20 years.

Every day he goes outside and relaxes by the water, but a few years ago his view changed for the worst.

“I see kids over there all night long, partying all night long and things that are not conducive to a residential property," explained Kearney.

He lives across the lake from the old marina.

It shut down a few years ago and a new owner took over.

Kearney said he watched it become an abandoned eye sore full of trash.

Recently, the city forced the owner to clean it up.

Now, the owner is asking the city to rezone his property to allow commercial development.

“I don't want to start seeing houses or clubs being torn down because they're more valuable for commercial use and popping up commercial developments around the lake,” said Kearney.

Alderman Chuck Redpath agrees.

“Commercial development is not conducive to what the lake's about. It's a residential area. It's a quiet area," he said.

Redpath has put together several ordinances to stop commercial development around the lake.

Tuesday, the council is voting on whether to rezone the property

"The development that he’s trying to put in there is just not going to work. It's a commercial development. He's going to need an enormous amount of water, his roads fixed. It's a multimillion dollar undertaking just to get the thing up off the ground," explained Redpath.

Redpath said he believes everyone on the council will vote not to rezone the property.

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