City works to reduce fatal drownings


The city is working to reduce lake fatalities by amping up their response time.

This comes following the fatal drowning of Michael Klauzer at Lake Springfield on June 1.

"That prompted an after-action report for emergency response agencies," said Fire Marshal Chris Richmond, with the city of Springfield.

The report looks at why the drowning happened and how it turned fatal.

"We looked at what actually happened, all of the facts of the case and how we could improve our response," said Richmond.

Klauzer was in a well-known location, Tom Madonia Park, but that's not always the case.

"We asked ourselves if this was in a lesser known location, a less common area of the lake, how would that have looked," said Richmond.

The fire department then worked with CWLP to find out a better way to pinpoint a victim’s location.

"We've had them geo locate various points throughout the lake, well over a hundred points," explained Richmond.

Geolocating gives emergency responders exact locations throughout the lake, which fire crews believe will help tremendously.

"If somebody calls and says they're close to a buoy, or a certain point on the lake or a certain club we can looks at those maps and find the fastest way to respond by vehicle and by water to respond to those areas," said Richmond.

The quicker the response, the more chance to save a life.

The fire department said every time there is an incident at the lake they look into ways to improve.

The main goal, preventing even a single fatal drowning.

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