Community leaders work to reduce poverty in the community

Community leaders work to reduce poverty in the community

Poverty is an issue plaguing the nation, including 15 percent of Sangamon County's population.

Now, the community is working to find a solution.

On Wednesday, 44 Sangamon County and Menard County leaders met to discuss resources to help the community, at the poverty institute hosted by dr. Donna Beegle, a poverty expert.

“At the end of this poverty institute you're going to have 44 organizations that are going to have poverty competency,” said Beegle.

People in attendance learned about the poverty community and the daily struggles they endure.

As well as how to help people suffering.

Tracy Day was one person in attendance.

She works for Riverton Elementary, a school where nearly 70 percent of students meet the poverty level.

“Because our numbers are so high we were able to get free breakfast and lunch for all students in our elementary school." said Day.

Day believes poverty is an issue many people over look.

Now, she's working to bring more awareness to her community.

"We have people in all the buildings that help connect our parents that are struggling and in poverty with resources to help them move forward,” explained day.

The Poverty Institute is a two day course.

This is the second time the course has been offered in Sangamon County.

The hope is to help more people understand the high number of their community suffering from poverty.

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