Community mourns loss of 2-year-old shot and killed in Decatur

Community mourns loss of 2-year-old shot and killed in Decatur

A two-year-old boy was shot and killed in Decatur Saturday morning.

Police said they responded to a report of an injured two-year-old in the 1400 block of Wellington Way.

He was transported to the hospital and later died.

Community members said his death is heartbreaking.

“To think that he's never going to see and experience his life is truly saddening," said Chelsee Tyler, a Decatur mom of one.

She said she’s shocked he was killed at the Carriage House Apartments, a place her sister lives.

"It's definitely crazy to hear a 2-year-old lost their life, that there's gun violence taking place in a place made for families,” said Tyler.

Tyler isn’t the only parent in disbelief.

"It's sad to me because I have a two-year-old myself and I just try to put myself in the shoes of the person that lost their kid,” said Jacory Taylor, who lives in Decatur.

He said it's painful to see constant violence in his hometown.

“You just never know. It can be someone you don't know, somebody you do know and Decatur is a small community and when something happens you feel like it's your family too,” said Taylor.

Now, a 17-year-old is in custody at the Macon County Juvenile detention center facing charges of homicide, aggravated battery with a firearm and aggravated discharge.

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