Crash in Jacksonville lands three IDOT workers in the hospital

Crash in Jacksonville lands three IDOT workers in the hospital

There was a crash in a work zone near Morton Avenue and I-72. Now, Illinois State Police are talking about the safety warnings after an IDOT worker is seriously injured by a driver.

An IDOT worker was struck by a car while filling potholes Monday.

ISP said it happened around 1 p.m. when an oncoming car smashed into an IDOT vehicle and one worker.

"It only takes a second for people to get hurt,” said resident Kelvin Kelso who lives near where the crash happened.

Residents near to the crash said it's heartbreaking.

"Well, it's really sad,” said Kelso. “That this is the time of year that they are going to be out working and out filling potholes and anytime you're out in the country like this take time to get over and give people room to work, we're all just trying to do a job."

The IDOT worker was life-flighted to Springfield. ISP said that person had to undergo surgery.

"My prayers are with him or her or whoever,” said Kelso. “It may be it's just sad that you can go to work and something like this can happen."

And if the worker has children, "They probably love their mom and dad,” said an 11-year-old resident Andrew Smith. “And they would probably be really sad and miserable."

ISP said everyone should actively work to avoid the misery.

"It's crucial,” said one Jacksonville driver Craig Findley. “People die in construction zone areas, it's an all too frequent occurrence. We need to be vigilant we need to pay attention."

Drivers can be fined up to $10,000 for hitting a worker.

"People should remember,” said Findley. “They can go to prison for hitting a road worker in a construction zone and I think they should."

The warning: Slow down and move over.

"If people just took their time,” said Kelso. “To get out of the way any time they see a worker or a car along the road that's the first thing they ought to do."

Illinois State Police are investigating what exactly led to the crash on Morton Ave.

They said as of Monday night, two other workers in the IDOT vehicle were treated and released and so was the driver of the oncoming car.

The condition of the IDOT worker hit by the car was still unknown.

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