Crime drops 80 percent in 8 months in Springfield neighborhood

Crime drops 80 percent in 8 months in Springfield neighborhood. (WICS)

”We couldn’t have asked for more success than we’ve gotten,” Harvard Park Neighborhood Watch President Keneth Sanders said.

Harvard Park Neighborhood Watch is not only helping to report crimes in the area - they’re helping to prevent them from ever happening by reminding people to keep their belongings safe.

“Things like that prevent a lot of crimes in the neighborhood,” Sanders said. “Taking stuff out of your vehicles, making sure they’re locked, removing your garage door opener so something in the future doesn’t happen.“

Since the Harvard Park Neighborhood Watch’s inception in December 2017, Sanders said crime has dropped by 80 percent in the neighborhood.

“You see a lot more people out walking, a lot more kids in the neighborhood, more people out riding their bikes, more events going on,” Sanders said.

Sanders said that’s because the watch group is growing. It’s now up to 50 active members.

“We aren’t the cops, but we do what we can to try to relay them information that we can,” Sanders said.

It’s not just up to watch members though.

Sanders said if you see something, say something.

“The more eyes and more ears, the better it is,” Sanders said. “That’s what our main focus is, is our safety.”

Dorothy LaMar, who has lived in Harvard Park for six years, said that should be the case everywhere.

“If the other neighborhoods would do the same thing, they would realize how much this is helped our neighborhood,” LaMar said.

The goal is to prevent all crime from happening, but LaMar and Sanders said that can’t be done without everyone’s help.

“The more people involved, the better it gets and that’s what we’re after,” Sanders said.

“Get together instead of staying at home,” LaMar said.

Sanders said if you notice something out of the ordinary, always call police before reaching out to the Harvard Park Neighborhood Watch.

In addition to patrols, Harvard Park Neighborhood Watch also hosts community events.

One of those is coming up on Saturday.

From 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. they will be hosting a potluck at Harvard Park Baptist Church.

Harvard Park neighbors are asked to bring a dish to pass if attending.

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