Crime Stoppers warns of fake money in Sangamon County

A look at the front of what police call Chinese money. (Sangamon County Crime Stoppers)

Crime Stoppers is warning residents about the dangers in transactions that originate on social media sites such as Facebook or Craigslist.

Sellers are receiving worthless money in many of these transactions.

At first glance, the bills look like real U.S. currency, however, on closer examination, it’s evident that the money is not real.

There are two main types of deceptive look-a-like money:

  • Commonly referred to as Chinese money because it has pink Chinese symbols on the face and back of the US bills.
  • Another fraudulent form is called movie money because it states on the front “Motion Picture Use Only”. The “motion picture use” phrase blends into the bill and deceives the unknowing victim.

You can see examples of this worthless fake currency on the Crime Stoppers website

If you have any information about persons involved in passing invalid money, give Crime Stoppers a call and you may earn cash reward. Call the Crime Stopper tipline at 788-8427 or leave an anonymous tip on our website

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