Danville community looking for other ways to deter violence

Parents and local leaders continue to look for other ways to deter the violence. (WCCU)

After recent shootings in Danville leave three people dead in less than a week, the community questions if enough is being done.

Parents and local leaders continue to look for other ways to deter the violence besides a curfew.

“It's something you have to be aware of daily and it's taxing. It's tiring and our community is hurting," said mom and activist Mary Roberson.

It's a feeling many people in Danville have after a recent spike in gun violence.

Roberson grew up in Danville and worries for her three young daughters.

“When I was a kid, we played in the streets you know—we were kids," Roberson said.

But she said, the city has changed.

“These are beautiful summer nights and we are afraid to be outside, that's horrifying," Roberson said.

The city said it's trying to be proactive by cracking down on its curfew policy, which keeps kids younger than 18-years-old off the streets and out of danger late at night.

“We are doing different things all the time with our law enforcement to try to be proactive in addressing some of these matters," said Danville Mayor Scott Eisenhauer.

Some parents fear the curfew only makes a dent in the problem.

“Maybe the curfew might keep some kids at home out of harm’s way, but as far as stopping the people who are shooting, I don't really see that happening," Roberson said.

She said that's where the community needs to come in and provide mentorship program and jobs for the city’s youth.

“If we can find some way to be more proactive to give these kids an opportunity to pick up something other than a gun, I think that would be more productive than telling them to stay at home," she said.

The mayor said he agrees that it takes more than laws to make a change.

“The only way that we as a community are going to be able to reduce the crime in this city, is for all of us to be working together," he said.

The police continue to remind everyone of the "see something, say something" motto.

Anyone with information or sees something call Crimestoppers at 446-TIPS.

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