Danville Housing Authority demolishing six buildings at Fair Oaks

Danville Housing Authority is demolishing six buildings at Fair Oaks. (WCCU)

It's been years in the making - Danville Housing Authority is demolishing six buildings at Fair Oaks.

That means about 57 families are moving to a new home, working one-on-one with the agency to come up with a plan.

After the demolishment, the agency’s goal is to invest more money into the remaining buildings, which are close to 80-years-old.

They said by condensing these properties, they hope it also slows down the crime rate.

“We feel that we can have more control of what's going on in our development and have a greater impact on our community,” said Danville Housing Authority Director Jaclyn Vinson.

The six buildings being demolished haven’t been renovated in decades, she said.

“So if we wanted to renovate these buildings, we would have to bring them up to current codes, which would be significant costs," Vinson said.

Current resident, Shirley McBride, lives in one of the buildings being demolished. Instead of staying, she decided to take the Section 8 voucher and relocate her family somewhere else.

“Now I can move into another environment, another neighborhood for my kids," she said.

The director said the plan is to have the buildings demolished by next fall.

This is all part of a five-year plan that includes even more buildings being torn down in 2021.

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