Danville's historical theater reopens after more than 20 years

Community members got a first look inside the renovated Fischer Theater Friday evening. (WCCU)

The lights are on, the doors are open and the show will go on -- community members got a first look inside the renovated Fischer Theater Friday evening. A landmark in the Danville community, the Fischer Theater opened its doors for the first time in 1884, and after a face lift the curtains reopened, more than 20 years after its last show.

“It’s been a long process,” co-director of DACC Players, Phillip Langley said. “The auditorium needed a lot of cleaning, a lot of updating, a lot of modernizing so we've been working since June to get the auditorium ready, to get the stage ready, to make the facilities ready for the public and for the shows."

The Danville Area Community College Players kicked off the renovated theater's first event – “The Rocky Horror Show.”

“This theater is iconic Danville,” Langley said. “It's the last movie palace we have left, it's the last grand theater that is left in the city of Danville and we want to preserve it and we want to show the community its usefulness, its beauty and its viability to make Danville shine."

The Vermilion Heritage Foundation board said the vision of the theater's renovation started about 5 years ago.

“Takes a lot of money and a lot of time to put something like this together,” board member, Jim Wood said. “But we had great cooperation from a lot of people."

The board held a fundraiser Thursday evening to support the theater's future renovations. The community helped raise more than $4,000.

“There's a feeling that something is finally going to happen here,” Wood said. “No matter what kind of event is happening downtown if the marquee is on and it's lit then there's excitement just from it alone."

The Rocky Horror Show will also run Saturday evening, the next two weekends and on Halloween.

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