Decatur business leaves note asking robbers to return guns: 'Your mom would be ashamed'

    Decatur business leaves note asking robbers to return guns: 'Your mom would be ashamed.'

    Owners of the Cody Redman Auctioneer Service had nine guns stolen from them July 6th and now they are looking for them to be safely returned.

    There is still mud on their back door, which is what the office manager at Cody Redman Auctioneer Services tells me is how they are trying to identify who stole some of their items.

    Despite having several things out on display, the thieves only went for one thing, which is the guns.

    Nine were stolen in total, which include pistols, a double barrel shotgun as well as a B.B. gun.

    “Well it looks like what they did is they held on to the sides here, they kicked from behind,” Office Manager Gabriel Schuerman said.

    Schuerman said thieves came in the night and no one knows why.

    But now, they just have a simple request.

    “Just return them and nothing will happen. We won’t press charges, we won’t do anything, just return that’s all we want. Just want the guns back,” Schuerman said.

    Despite the guns being on the streets, some don’t necessarily feel unsafe.

    “There are an awful lot of guns in the wrong hands and I just don’t think an extra nine is going to change the situation very much,” Decatur resident Valarie Bock said.

    But that doesn’t necessarily mean they want them out on the streets.

    “It’s a problem for the people who rightfully own them,” Bock said.

    “I am a gun owner and I would not want anyone taking my guns either,” Decatur resident Ken Crews said.

    Schuerman said the Macon County Sheriff’s Department is on the case, but still wants answers.

    “It’s very concerning to me and concerning for my family too,” Schuerman said.

    She also said if the thieves are looking to sell any of the stolen guns, to be aware that those at the auction house are looking for them as well.

    “All the serial numbers are out there, we’ve talked to all the pawn shops,” Schuerman said.

    The guns stolen include several rifles, a double barrel shotgun and a B.B. gun.

    Cody Redman is offering $5,000 for anyone who has information or can safely locate the weapons and return them. He left a note reading: "To the robber who kicked down our door and stole items from our office, your mother is probably ashamed of you! I would love to meet face-to-face. I am easy to find, see card below. If you come back to steal from us again, please come through the windows. The door was a little expensive to repair."

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