Dick Van Dyke Returns to Hometown of Danville

(WCCU) Dick Van Dyke Returns to Hometown of Danville

DANVILLE -- A Danville son has returned home.

The legendary actor, singer and performer Dick Van Dyke is in his childhood hometown to raise money and awareness for his foundation with the hopes of saving the home he grew up in.

He cruised into town in style, riding in the iconic "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" car.

Fans lined up the streets of danville to catch a glimpse of a hollywood legend.

Long time fan Richard Jones shows us his prized Dick Van Dyke music collection.

"It's cool to just be in the same area as him and the chitty chitty bang bang car man that was awesome," says Jones.

Members of the Danville High School choir were singing well known musical hits from the classic film "Mary Poppins."

He marched along to meet fans of all ages

Including a member of your Storm Team.

At a press confrence Van Dyke spoke about how he first got into acting.

"I was a sprinter and a high jumper and i went to the doctor to get a permit, and so I went to my doctor and he said hey you git a little echo in there

I don't want you running so I joined the dramatic club and look what happened."

He says he's is very concerned about the state of arts in America.

"Out in california most of the high schools have dropped art and music any kind of culture because they couldn't afford it," says Van Dyke.

"We've raised money and we've put on performances to support the arts if not we're going to have a generation of robots if we don't watch out.

His foundation is renovating his childhood home into a community space for the arts

So artists of Danville can have a creative space to develop their craft in the place that shaped so much of who he is today.

"I had such a great childhood there. I had so many experiences there was no television, we just made up our own thing."

The city of Danville unvailed a suprise in honor of his accomplishments.

A street sign reminding everyone to keep moving.

Events honoring the Danville native are also happening Friday evening.

There will be a Welcome Home Concert at Danville High School's Dick Van Dyke Auditoriam at 6pm.

A reception will be held at 7:30pm at the David S. Palmer Arena.

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